Construction and Design

MM&I Construction and Design SIP estimates are free of charge. Please understand that we must have complete information in order for us to give you a solid estimate so that you can prepare a budget for your project. Lead times do vary on estimates. This depends on our work load and also size and complexity of the project. The following is what we are looking for from your plans:

  1. Floor Plans (fully dimensioned)
  2. Foundation Plans (fully dimensioned)
  3. Elevations (fully dimensioned)
  4. Building sections a minimum of at least:
    a. (1) through the house and
    b. (1) through the garage, with dimensions and height differences between house floor and garage floor if applicable
  5. Roof pitches of all roof areas (if roof panels or gable walls are supplied) and overhangs.
  6. Load information and regulations
  7. Address and directions to the construction site to estimate shipping cost.
  8. Builder's and Architect/Designer's name and phone number in case there are questions you cannot answer.

You can email an AutoCAD file, PDF, or mail us a hard copy (cannot be returned). Please see our contact page for further information.

If you are not this far along with your project and/or plans, please give us a call and we will do our very best to assist you.

MM&I Construction and Design provides in-house SIP designers to create panel shop drawings specifically for your project by utilizing the construction documents provided to MM&I. With the use of the latest in CAD/CAM technology, the panel shop drawings become an integral part in the fabrication of the SIPs allowing for precision-cut manufacturing capabilities. The panel shop drawings are then combined with the construction documents to be utilized in the field for erection & installation of the panels. Specific SIP details will be shown on your panel shop drawings as they relate to your particular project. When on-site, all SIPs are designated with a specific SIP number and label that is coordinated with the panel shop drawings.

Through the relationships we have with SIP specific engineers, SIP engineering can be provided for your project. Professional engineering services can be arranged to review your SIP project for seismic, high wind, snow load carrying capacity and other environmental load-carrying capacity reviews. The engineering review is only conducted for the SIP panel layouts and components provided in your SIP Package. Therefore, site-specific engineering and engineering reviews for other components (i.e. floors, roof trusses, foundations, etc.) not associated with the SIP package are not provided. Please let us know if it is required to have a professional engineer’s review & stamp for the panel shop drawings when requesting an estimate for your SIP project.

The structural insulated panels are completely pre-cut to size in the manufacturing facility. This includes rakes, eaves, bevel cuts, openings for doors, windows and skylights. The factory cut panels can shorten construction time, minimize the potential for mistakes, reduce site scrap, and get the structure enclosed faster than typical construction methods. Panels cut on computer-controlled machines are cut with precision, speed and accuracy. Once the panels are fabricated, they are loaded efficiently and shipped to your project site.

MM&I Construction and Design can provide an experienced installation crew for your project. Please let us know at the time you request an estimate in order for us to determine our scope of work and include the installation cost at that time.

If the construction company you have hired would like to do the installation, but would like to have assistance on reading and understanding the panel shop drawings, following installation procedures, etc. MM&I can provide a SIP project advisor. Again, please let us know at the time you request an estimate in order for us to determine advisory cost at that time.

MM&I Construction and Design can provide specific presentations related to your field to educate you on the benefits and advantages on utilizing SIPs for your project(s). We discuss sustainability, design criteria, product specifications, design process, installation and much more. Those who would benefit from a presentation include the following but not limited to:

  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Building Officials
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Homeowners
  • Realtors

Please let us know if your presentation needs to be CEU accredited. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please call or email from the information provided on the contact page.

Consulting is available by our in-house interior designer for the following:

  1. Space Planning for new and existing construction.
  2. Home assessment utilizing CASPAR which is a client-centered home assessment protocol developed and tested with a grant from the National Institute on Aging that enables our company to identify client needs and collect the type of information that can be used by knowledgeable building professional to specify the right modifications or new construction details.
  3. Universal Design: The intent of the universal concept is simply life for everyone by making more housing usable by more people at little or no extra cost. Universal design is an approach to design that incorporates products as well as building features and elements which, to the greatest extent possible, can be used by everyone. While accessible or adaptable design requirements are specified by codes or standards for only some buildings and are aimed at benefiting only some people (those with mobility limitations), the universal design concept targets all people of all ages, sizes, and abilities and is applied to all buildings.
    — Taken from The Center For Universal Design at North Carolina State University from their “Universal Design In Housing” PDF.

Areas Served

MM&I Construction and Design is currently serving North and South America as well as the Caribbean. Please call (615) 673-9294 for services in your area.